About Us

Welcome to the Grape Enthusiast where our passion for wine meets innovative solutions for the modern wine lover.
Our Temp-eze products are warehoused and shipped from our offices in Sarasota, Florida. We take pride in offering our products, designed to enhance your wine drinking experience.
Unlike many others in the market, we're not just another faceless drop-shipper. Our commitment lies in delivering stellar customer service and ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase. 
When you pour a glass of room temperature wine, ever feel like you are left with a tepid puddle of disappointment?
Picture this -
You get home from a long day of work, a bad day on the golf course or chasing the kids around, you grab a bottle of red from your pantry and open it, Now the choice...
Do you just pour it and drink a glass of 74° warm wine that feels like an awkward hug from your old Aunt Lucy, or 
Drop cubes in your glass that will chill it quickly but by melting, dilutes the wine ruining the delightful taste and aromas of berries & oak, or 
Place a Temp-eze in your filled glass and in about two minutes, it chills your wine to your desired temperature, preserving its flavors and aromas without compromise.

Whether you prefer a crisp 56°F or a slightly warmer 62°F, experiment with how long you leave the Temp-eze in the glass because ----- it’s YOUR glass of wine!
Plus, with two Temp-eze per set, you and your wine drinking companion can enjoy the wine at each of your preferred chill levels.
Life's too short to drink warm wine. With Temp-eze, you can savor every sip of your liquid sunshine, custom chilled to your liking.